Bosch part numbers for CIS injectors?

Antti Piirainen antti.piirainen at
Tue Jan 13 02:47:47 EST 2004

Would anyone happen to have the Bosch part numbers for the "M12" and 
"M10" injectors, ie. VAG p/n 026 133 551 and 035 133 551 F? The info 
would be greatly appreciated.

Those are the likely candidates for my injectors (KV engine), but the 
bodies are too corroded so that both the VAG and Bosch numbers on them 
are completely unreadable. I'll disconnect the fuel lines and measure 
the threads the next time I'm pulling them out, so I'll know which of 
the two I have. I'd then use the Bosch numbers for ordering a set of new 
ones from a generic parts dealer, since the Audi dealership asks for at 
least an extra 30 euros per injector.

Antti Piirainen
87 Cq

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