Sick of Audis ?

Matt Evans matt at
Tue Jan 13 12:49:42 EST 2004

Whats funny about all of you complaining about how bad AoA is and how
you're looking at BMWs..

I'm also a BMW owner and there are lots of BMW owners complaining about BMW
... and looking to make the move to Audi :)

...although i guess i don't hear as much about BMW NA shipping utterly broken
cars with super short warranties

My solution - just get used cars and pay less, learn how to fix them yourself,
and use the savings to buy backup/redundant vehicles for when a car goes down
and you wont have time/skills to fix it immediately.

There are no expectations with a used car, except that you'll learn a lot and
not have to deal with an organization that consistantly misses your 
expectations (whatever those may be!)

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