Daughter's new Audi

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Tue Jan 13 15:01:09 EST 2004

> Daughter just got a car (1988 Audi 90) that seems to generally be in good
> shape but needs some parts.  Would be appreciated if listers could take a
> look and let me know where to source parts and also give some recs on
> leather cleaner/conditioner.  URL is;
> http://www.tomandkarenspage.com/cars/88audi90.html

Nice looking car...

As others have said, the Lexol arsenal of leather (and vinyl) cleaners 
and conditioners is very good.

As far as the busted front marker and rear view mirror, I'd say a scrap 
yard would be a good bet.  If there are none locally, go with force5 in 
Concord NH, Chris is a good guy and has lots of type 89's in his yard.

The fog light lens, if that is all it needs, could be found there or 
new.  I bought a pair, one at a local import parts place, the other I 
had to go to the dealer for.  They were both in the $70-80 range.

Huw Powell



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