Bosch part numbers for CIS injectors?

Phil Payne quattro at
Tue Jan 13 16:06:00 EST 2004

> As it happens, a fellow Audi owner had a disconnected 551 F I could
> compare my 551 C with, and they were of equal shape and length downwards
> from the O-ring level. Apparently the 551 C is an older, dropped
> revision of the fine thread injector, and I assume I'll be correct in
> using the Bosch number for 551 F in any further inquiries.

IIRC the "F" is the same as the "C" but has a Viton end seal instead of a metal one.  It

Only comment - "F" injectors, once used, should always be kept in fuel if removed from the
car.  Accurate measurements cannot be made once the injectors have been disconnected for more
than an hour.

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