2.3 i5 hard idling

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Tue Jan 13 17:36:25 EST 2004

> Somethime my engine idle as 200RPM to 2000RPM at 1 Hz, and then after
> 1000 to 1200RPM at 1Hz and then by hazard oscilate again between 2000
> to 2000,,,, and often stop...
> Went i drive couple minute at crusing 3000RPM then a stop at a STOP ,
> i release the gaz,, them engine stall grrrrr
> What is that trouble ?
> idle valve or something ?

Or something, yes.  First two suspects, if all general tune-up items are 
in good shape, would be that the ISV needs cleaning, or that theidle 
switch (on throttle body) is bad/intermittent.  The ECU can't regulate 
the idle if it doesn't know it's supposed to.

I'm assuming some form of CIS on this 2.3 engine...

Huw Powell



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