2.3 i5 hard idling

Brady Moffatt bradym at sympatico.ca
Tue Jan 13 18:36:24 EST 2004


Something that just cured the exact same problem on my 4kq was making sure
the duty cycle and DPR current were within spec. I didn't touch the ISV this
time, though I cleaned it about 6 months ago...

Urq, 4kq, Z

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Sometimes my engine idle as 200RPM to 2000RPM at 1 Hz, and then after 1000
to 1200RPM at 1Hz and then by hazard oscilate again between 2000 to 2000,,,,
and often stop...

Went i drive couple minute at crusing 3000RPM then a stop at a STOP , i
release the gaz,, them engine stall grrrrr

What is that trouble ?

idle valve or something ?


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