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Tom Reynolds kjtar at earthlink.net
Tue Jan 13 20:44:58 EST 2004

Yeah, when I said that (buy a Subaru) I was referring to 1st hand
experience with my old '88 DL 5 speed FWD and my wife's old '88 GL10 Turbo
AWD both of which we haven't had now for many years.  At the time of their
sale, both cars ran well with no problems other than my DL which had a bad
habit of dying for no apparent reason, sitting for 5 or 10 minutes, and
then, once restarted running well until the next occasion.  Solved (never
did find out what it was) when I had it in the dealership, nothing had
happened, I was about to drive it away, when my left foot hit something and
it died.  The techs looked at each other with a "knowing glance" took the
car inside, 10 minutes later it was fixed and the problem never occurred
Just adding to the data points,
Best regards,
Tom Reynolds
Hereford, AZ

At 12:34 PM 01/13/2004 -0800, Steve Sprague wrote:
>> Igor,
>>         Buy a Subaru.
>Before you do, you might want to carefully research the problems that
>late-model Fubarus (especially the WRX) have been having.  Especially the
>manual transmission and a certain fuel leak that occurs in cold weather, but
>there are plenty of others.  Subaru has been refusing to honour their
>warranties in numerous cases.  Just be careful.
>	I'd like to know the websites/email lists where the Scubies are
>being commented on.  My wife and I are looking to replace her Outback with a
>newer model, used of course, and it would be interesting to read the issues
>for her model.  Her '97 is having some issues and it's way out of warranty.
>I know the great General has it's hand in the company, but hopefully they
>seem to have a good product.
>91 200q20v
>Corporations tend to be evil.  If you want a good car, build it yourself.
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