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Hi, this came up on one of the ms lists the other day.....was it you? If it
wasn't the recommendation was that there is a dampener on the standard fuel
pump which should eliminate your problem.....

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Hi everyone, new to the list.  Heard aobut it for a couple months and
decided to check it out.  I live in bozeman, MT and drive an 87 5k tq. 
This fall i converted the car to EFI with the megasquirt DIY efi system. 
It runs quite well now, better than i ever did on CIS!  

I've got an issue with the car, or at least i think i do, concerning the
efi system and someone recommend i post here and see if anyone has any
ideas.  So here we go....

As i said above it runs really well with the EFI, however i'm getting a
knock in the fuel system.  I don't really know how else to explain it. 
At first i thought the accumulator might be going bad.  Is there a way to
test it?  I now think it's just because the accumulator makes contact
with the undercarriage making the knock/pulse the most audible there.  

So when the car is cold it knocks loudly....but as it warms up it gets
quieter.  It's still there but not as audible.  If i put my hand on one
of the fuel lines under the hood there is a definite pulse i  can feel. 
It matches the injectors firing exactly.  I'm going to try using multiple
smaller squirts of fuel per cycle and see if that helps.  As far as i
know the other people running MS on these cars don't do this though, and
haven't had this knock/pulse problem which leads me to believe it's a
unique problem on my vehicle.  Meaning something's broken!

My other thoughts lead towards my fuel pump and a fuel dampner.  I've
replaced my fuel pump with a pierburg which doesn't have a dampner on it.
 So there isn't a dampner in the fuel system anywhere.  I'm wondering if
this would take care of the knock?  I don't know exactly how a dampner
works....some sort of a diaphragm.  

Any thoughts or considerations would be much appreciated!
happy quattroing
Jeff Redig
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