Cold has reared it's ugly head

teamdaemon at teamdaemon at
Wed Jan 14 10:00:12 EST 2004

Hello all-

I am afraid that the cold in the northeast this morning (-8F when I left the 
house) has identified a weak link in the 200 20V.  I let the car idle for about 
10 minutes to warm up before leaving the house.  When I got in, still cold, no 
heat.  Hmmm.

Started my drive to the subway. Still no heat.  This is not a new thing, and I 
try exercising the climate control, going from full cold to full hot, but still 
nothing.  As I was almost there, I noticed a lot of "smoke/steam/something" from 
behind me.  I shut the engine down and coasted to the side of the road.  Pop the 
hood.  There is fluid and steam on the passager side of the engine, behind the 
turbo.  I *think* it was coolant.  Coolant resevior was empty.  Radiator was 
cool, engine was cool.  There is fluid all over.

Stuck with the possibility of sitting by the side of the road in -3F temps, I 
fired up the car.  Started right up.  I drove it the ~1 mile to the parking 
garage.  For a while, the car would not drop below 3K rmp.  Check engin light is 
on.  The idle finally dropped.

It is now parked at the Alewife garage on the roof.  Any thoughts?  With these 
temps, I am just tempted to get it towed to a mechanic and call it a day, but 
wanted to see if anyone had any thoughts.

Thanks much,

PS - Brett, if you are around this eve and and are willing to poke around tha 
car with me, BEvERages on me.  :)
Paul Luevano
paul at clarity dot net

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