Advice to Phil!/Open Question

mark.e.woodland at mark.e.woodland at
Wed Jan 14 11:33:22 EST 2004

Hi folks,
Not often do I summon the courage to offer Phil advice, but here it is.
Relay the headlights, if you haven't already, and run the circuit through a
floor mounted Hi/Lo beam switch.
$5 US, and just ask for a generic floor mounted switch.. 55 Chevy style.
It'll take the current,
and its the last time you think about the multi-function switch...
until you lose the cruise control...

An Open Question to the List
There seems to be a die-hard contingent of type 44 fans out there, of which
I count myself somewhat rabid,
but I'm fantisizing about a 20 valve Avant, if not an S6 Avant (The Grail!)
I am one (of several, it seems) of the misguided souls compelled to rack up
1000 miles a week (minimum)
on my '87 5KTQ, and need to know if its folly to consider such abuse with a
20 valve.. let alone an S6.
Any tales of horror to tell?
Thanks in advance,

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