no, no, its the truth!

Mike Arman armanmik at
Thu Jan 15 11:29:58 EST 2004

>new jag that boasted "the only
> >vehicle in its class with permenant all wheel drive."

Yeah, its class is leaky, overpriced de-contented British sh*tboxes which 
depreciate faster than Audis, and won't run anywhere near as long.

Problem is just exactly how do you define the "class" of a car? It sounds 
like sports statistics - "highest number of touchdowns by a Republican 
Amish third baseman for games played between 6 and 10 PM on odd-numbered 
Thursdays" - possibly true, but utterly meaningless.

It's also permanent all wheel drive because they haven't figured out how to 
switch it on and off yet.

(Don't mind me this AM guys, I'm just mightily PO'ed about something else 
today . . . )

Best Regards, (And yes, even to our friends across the pond)

Mike Arman

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