Silicon grease

Phil Payne quattro at
Thu Jan 15 16:50:30 EST 2004

> For years I've used a spray penetrating oil that contains some teflon,
> thinking the teflon would stick after the dispersant evaporated.  It's been
> effective for keeping door/trunk/gas locks and latches working.  Last time
> I went to buy some, they didn't have it any more, so I got some spray with
> white lithium as part of it.  I think the grease is getting quite stiff
> when it's around Zero.  My door locks have been significantly harder to
> operate in the real cold.  I'm looking again for that stuff I used to use.
> I had to treat all the locks/latches about every three months with it, but
> at least everything kept working smoothly that way.

My stock procedure in Germany was to degrease the lock assembly, grease the rear mechanism,
and lubricate the cylinder itself with graphite powder.

In Hannover, it was standard procedure to tape over the seams of one door, usually the offside
passenger door.  This would stop "Eisregen" (ice rain) from filling up the seams and freezing.
On the two-door Scirocco we had, I taped up the back flap.  You have to leave a tab sticking

I remember coming back to Hannover from Berlin one day and getting into the car by pulling
this tape off, much to the amusemant and chagrin of others desperately trying to get into
their cars.

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