MP3 options in 94 UrS4

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Thu Jan 15 18:14:14 EST 2004

Just wondering...

Rolf mentions having a Blaupunkt changer in the trunk. If the Bose has a
proprietary interface, then did Blaupunkt make specific changers for
Bose? The MkIV Golfs and the first A4 used to have Blaupunkt-derived
headunits (well, over here at least). Been trying to sell my 10-disc
Blaupunkt changer and getting alot of calls from the A4/A6 and MkIV Golf
folks and they just need to buy an interface to hook it up.

My brother has the Golf4 TDI with the factory headunit and (IIRC) a
non-Blaupunkt factory-fitted changer.

For MP3 changers, there's the SONY. It's a 6-disc, plays MP3, but that's
a whole different communication protocol going on that thing. Just took
a look around recently when I was thinking of grafting the Blaupunkt to
a new SONY headunit.

Oh, yeah, by the way, if anyone wants a Blaupunkt CDC-A071 10-disc
changer (new, never installed, looking for a home anywhere in the world)
then let me know. :)


Ti Kan wrote:
> RM writes:
> > Most of my lesser cars have upgraded head units that are MP3 capable. The S4
> > has the typical Bose head unit with cassette player and the 10 disk Blau.
> > changer in the trunk. Are there any changers that can be swapped in that
> > have MP3 capablity? I do not want to go through the hassle of converting an
> > otherwise fine sounding system just for MP3's though. Thanks!
> Unfortunately, no.  On your Gamma radio, the radio-to-changer control
> interface is proprietary and will not work with aftermarket changers.
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