interference/1988 80 Frnt whl drive 4 cyl

Ti Kan ti at
Fri Jan 16 17:41:09 EST 2004

tom winter writes:
> [ 88 '80 4-cyl with front end damage ] 
> I'm thinking that the belt slipped and the interference thing wasted a valve
> or two.
> Would I be able to feel this by turning the engine by hand?

Not really, you'd have to pull the head to see.

> And while I'm doing that, how do I check out the timing?

The timing belt?  Remove the distributor cap and then turn the
crankshaft pulley by hand.  If the distributor rotor will rotate
as you turn the crank, then the timing belt is still intact.

As for adjusting the cam timing, you'll need to remove the cam belt
cover (which may require removal of the front radiator cowl or more to
clear things in case the front end damage had pushed things in).

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