Cam/Crank shaft oit seal removal 90q 20v

Mark L. Chang mchang at
Fri Jan 16 20:02:30 EST 2004

David T:

I think I used a small screw, drove it in carefully into the rubber 
seal, and puled it out. Just don't nick anything :).

Shhhh, not a recommended way. Surely, the way I put it back on shan't be 
discussed here.

Dave K. wrote:

> David
> Have you looked at the 20v site?  Maybe they (we) have something listed...
> Dave K.
> '90 CQ
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> Sent: Friday, January 16, 2004 7:47 PM
> Subject: Cam/Crank shaft oit seal removal 90q 20v
>>I have the timing belt off and everything but am having some extreme 
>>difficulty removing the seals... I unfortunately do not have the 
>>specific tool for the job... anyone have any tips??  I would greatly 
>>appreciate it very very very much...  I am trying to button up this 
>>thing tonight.

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