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So, that brings us back to the question, is a 80 (4000) quattro 4-cylinder a type81 or a type 85?

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Had to hunting on this one. According to audisportcollection.com an 80
quattro from 1984-86 had a 1.8L, 90-115 HP engines, available in GTE, CC,
and CD trim.


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From: Ti Kan [mailto:ti at amb.org]

I don't think so.  The VAG 4-valve head for the 4-cyl engine didn't
come out until the '87-ish time frame, first on the Scirocco 16V.

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Brady Moffatt writes:
> I think there were 2.0L 16V 80 quattros as of 83-84ish. Not willing to bet
> much on it though!
> Cheers,
> Brady
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> David writes:
> > Would a 4-cylinder 4000 quattro (I think they had those over in Europe,
> known as the 80?) be a type 81 or type 85?
> If I am not mistaken, the first 4-cyl quattro model didn't occur until
> the type 89 body.


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