Audi fox and 100 1970's chassis codes

Tom Haapanen tomh at
Sun Jan 18 10:54:31 EST 2004

Almost.  Actually, the Audi 50 was introduced first, in 1974, and the 
ur-Polo, launched the following year, was really a rebadged Audi 50.   
The 50 was discontinued in 1978.

The 50 was designed, developed and styled in Ingolstadt ... all of this 
happening in parallel with VW's development of the Golf and Scirocco 
(both of which were Giugiaro-styled).


Ti Kan wrote:

>There was also an even smaller Audi in the 70s, the Audi 50, which
>was basically just a VW Polo of the time, rebadged as an Audi.  It
>wasn't sold in the US, and I don't know what its type code was.

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