Subject: Re: Audi fox and 100 1970's chassis codes

Ti Kan ti at
Sun Jan 18 16:17:41 EST 2004

> Am I dreaming ... or was the VW Fox (c. 1988) also sold as an Audi  =
> ("Fox") somewhere?

The VW Fox is about a decade later than the Audi Fox.  But, despite the
namesake and similarities in general size and architecture, shares
almost nothing.  The Audi Fox was the US model name for the B1 Audi 80
(type 82) from 1973-1979.  That same platform (with different sheetmetal)
was also used for the VW Passat (called the Dasher in the US) as type 32
in the same general time frame.  The VW Fox is the US name for a model
developed in Brazil (called the VW Voyager there), type 30.

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