Terminology 101

Louis-Alain RICHARD laraa at sympatico.ca
Mon Jan 19 13:48:02 EST 2004

Just to be sure that everybody follows you Ti, I should add this to the

I am sure everybody knows it but maybe the newcomers don't: the alphanumeric
nomenclature A1, B5 or C4 etc. refers to the overall dimensions and the
generation of a chassis. 

EX: 	A1 is the small platform 1st generation (Golf-Rabbit, Scirocco,
	B2 is the medium sized car, second generation (like the Type 81 and
	C4 is the big car, 4th iteration (Audi 100, urS4)
The Type XX nomenclature is a way to differentiate the
mechanically-different models from a same time-period built on a same-size

Sometimes, Type XX and alphanumeric nomenclature follows each other, (like a
type 43 is a C2 and all C2 are type 43), sometimes not (like the B2 type
81-85 we are now trying to decipher...). But a Type XX can not cross over 2
different alphanumeric chassis. I think. 

The advantages are obvious:
	- model year, country, or marketing names are nor relevant. A type
43 is always a Type 43, no matter it's a 5000 or a 200 or a 100...

	- Different brand-models are regrouped under a same name. A
1998-2004 B5 Passat (Type 3B) is closely linked to the 1996-2001 B5 Audi A4 
	(Type 8D). Many parts are exchangeable and even if the wheelbase is
different, they share the same general chassis dimensions.

	- People "in the know" (like us on this list) can look either very
knowledgeable or downright stupid at their parts department if we understand
or not these *not so simple* nomenclatures...

I hope I did not mixed up things too much...

Is there a table (or a genealogical tree maybe...) for the relationship
between Type and Alphanumerical?

1983 B2 Typ 85.

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