Did I goof??? *LOL*

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Tue Jan 20 12:53:30 EST 2004

Thanks Dave.

When I suggested long-term storage, I was indeed told that I needed to
disconnect the battery.  I didn't want to lose coverage if something had
happened to the car.....and I had NOT disconnected the batter.

On the road again,

 ~ Doug

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Probably the anti-theft system thinks you are trying to steal the car ...
among other things I believe it disables the starter circuit.

Try locking the door with the key and then unlocking... maybe this will
reset the system.

An alternative would be to remove the anti-theft relay and insert a jumper
wire in it's place.  This is what I did to my 89 100 cause I didn't care
about the anti-theft feature and it was acting up ... intermittent no-start
condition due to an electrical glitch somewhere in the anti-theft system
(maybe in the relay itself).

BTW ... are you serious re: the insurance company caring whether the
battery was disconnected?  Did they actually tell you that or were you just
thinking it couldn't hurt?
Dave C.

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