Things to look for: 2001 A4

Rocky Mullin caliban at
Tue Jan 20 14:56:33 EST 2004

At 8:49 PM +0000 1/19/04, rocketscienceracing at wrote:
>Actually, the control arm problem is one of the few I *didn't* have. 
>Also, my sunroof is still OK, and I don't have the trip computer. 
>But I've had all the other problems, and after monitoring the A4 
>list for a couple of years so have a lot of others to varying 

	wow, i've had none of those problems.  a bit of funk with the cruise
control stalk, but barely.  i am still under extended warranty, but the company
went under after the war started.  they sold these assets in chapter whatever
to another company, who requires that i fix stuff myself then submit a claim
for reimbursement.

	has anyone had any experience with this process?

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