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Tue Jan 20 21:28:44 EST 2004

Barry Babcock writes:
> Anybody know where I can get a replacement unit?  Would something like 
> this be a good way to go:
> The mast is broken on mine, and I think the mechanism is toast too...

That should work fine.  You may even be able to find one locally
at an auto stereo retailer at competitive prices.  Both Harada or
Hirschman makes suitable power antennas for your car.  Depending
on the model you *may* have to enlarge the fender hole to mount the
replacement.  Make sure you touch up any bare metal to prevent rust.

> I'm trying to install an aftermarket sony head unit-- I don't know how 
> to wire in the power antenna- any BTDT on something like this?  Am I 
> going to have to wire in a separate switch to operate the antenna 
> whenever I want to listen to the radio?

Most head units have a power antenna enable lead (so does the stock
radio).  Just wire that up to the matching wire on the antenna.
The antenna should come with all needed instructions.

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