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Jeff OBrien larry_flint01 at yahoo.com
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Jim, I don't think the EFI thing works (well, that good), Stick with the Factory stuff.
Someone with an ENGINEERING degree has done all the work for you! Look at using newer 4.2 liter coil packs.

Jim Woods <repaair at msn.com> wrote:
Hi Jeff,
Love your V8 4000, how did you do your brake master cylinder? Do you think you could use the stock brake booster if you used 034 EFI to control ignition and removed the distributor? Did I say I love your car?
Jim Woods
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The oil pan on a auto car is not the same as a 5 speed

but it will work, once you get the trans out and mated to the V8, you will see what I am talking about!

The Clutch- you will need the 5 speed flywheel! $$$

the flex plate from the auto will not work!

the clutch is a mix of things, 1)Disk is 5ktq, and the pressure plate is 3B.

Engine mounts- you will need both V8 mounts, and both 4kq chassis mounts need to move.

Cooling system- I used the V8 stuff. It will fit, the core support will need to cut and tweaked to fit.

Exhaust- the stock headers work fine, the right one needs to be cut and rotated, about 4" from the collector flange.

The M/C is in the way of the dist. I'll send you a photo off the set-up. 

Oh, by the way the Hp/torque output is no big deal, I have well over 300k on my trans, It is a late 84, so it has 4:11. first gear is almost worthless!

Just have fun!

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