NAC - surface mount electronics

Chris Thorp thorp at
Wed Jan 21 14:10:26 EST 2004

Digikey ( has the solder paste.

Though in my opinion it isn't really needed for a small repair of one or 
two components.  I use a regular Weller ~60W temperature regulated 
iron.  I think I've got a 700F tip installed.  After removing the old 
component and residual solder, apply a _small_ amount of solder to one 
pad.  Hold the part on the pad with tweezers and heat it until the 
solder flows.  Remove the iron and wait for the solder to freeze.  
Remove the tweezers and proceed to solder the remaining pins.  Try to 
heat the components as little as possible while still getting a good 

As a side note, if you are working with some types of power components, 
the large heatsink tab may require a 100w gun to get the job done.

Oh, ramsey electronics has some SMT kits that you could use to try your 
hand at SMT before attacking any expensive automotive electronics.

Chris Thorp
'95 A6qm

>pad but you. If you can find the solder paste and a heatgun to cook it
>you'll be much better off.

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