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I'm sure patching is fairly easy.  From what I understand the tire is
removed from the rim, and the patch is applied on the inside.  It cost about
$20 (Canadian pesos, admittedly being more valuable by the day) and was well
worth the wait - considering that since they cleaned the bead up the seal
was better than the other tires.  The plug is a simple job - find the hole,
remove the debris, fire the plug in and reinflate - the patch may involve
heat, grinding, glue, ???  I'm sure that most tire specialty places have the
personnel and equipment to effect a good repair, it's just that their
emphasis is on selling new tires - a shortsighted emphasis, mind you, as I
will _NEVER_ go to one of those clip joints again.
Steve Sears
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> wow, cool, thanks for the advice!  i'd like to try the fixing
> route.  i'll stop by various places and see if someone will do it.  any
> pointers from listers in the SF area to shops that will would be
> i would do just another tire under warranty but because of the
> diffs i need to do all four corners, yikes!
> is the patching difficult?  maybe i could do it myself.  plugging
> is actually pretty easy, i bet patching is too.
> thanks again!

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