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Wed Jan 21 18:40:20 EST 2004

At 3:35 PM -0600 1/21/04, Greg Galinsky wrote:
>Exactly where on the tire is this small hole?  If on the sidewall I 
>think that there may be too much flex for a patch to stay properly 
>in place.

	sidewall, just a few mm away from the tread.  so, near the edge.

>On HD off road equipment tires they can vulcanize a new section into 
>the sidewall; but they are designed to do that.  Passenger car 
>radials have more flex in the sidewalls.

	the guy at the gas station said they are too thin in the sidewall.

>Never under any circumstances do a plug in a sidewall; not even good 
>in a tread. Maybe in an emergency.  The patches that I use and that 
>are common need about a 1/4" to 3/8" hole  to be inserted.  If not 
>that large they need to be drilled out to that size. The inside of 
>the tire is then buffed and ruber cement applied.  The patch is like 
>a circular patch with an integral rubber plug at the center.  With 
>the right tools then the tip of the plug is then pulled thru to the 
>outside.  The base of the patch has a sticky surface that adheres to 
>the rubber cement. The inside of the patch is then rolled over with 
>a small knurled roller to make sure that it is in full contact with 
>the rubber cement.  The excess end of the plug that sticks out is 
>then cut flush.

	my BMW came with a plug kid.  never had to use it, as it's kind of
a bitch to break the bead without any practice.  and to reset it!

	thanks for alll your info, your experience is appreciated too!

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