world's best engine?

David Eaton dave.eaton at
Thu Jan 22 04:31:19 EST 2004

can't wait until, as indicated, the new s8 come out with
this unit....

'01 s8

from top gear

"Insert the key into the ignition, turn it once and there's
an electronic whirring buzz behind your ears as the fuel
pump takes a good, long draught. There's no starter button
to bother with, all you've got to do is turn the key the
rest of the way. 

Anyone driving a standard Ferrari 360 Modena has a hale and
hearty 400bhp at their disposal, thanks to that marvellous
V8, but your discerning Porsche 911 Turbo customer can trump
that with 414bhp from that unburstable boxer unit.
Lamborghini, however, has gone one better. Actually make
that two better if we are counting the number of extra
cylinders over the Ferrari, and 78 better if we are counting
the extra bhp over the Porsche. Lamborghini has given the
Gallardo a 492bhp V10.

This V10 engine is awesome. There's a world of torque on
offer. Lamborghini says that 80 per cent of the total 376lb
ft is available from as low as 1,500rpm and it feels
believable. Then there is a world of horsepower to revel in
at high revs, with the engine not mustering its full 492bhp
until 7,800rpm. The combination of big power and massive
torque is a fantastic one and the screaming of the engine
adds another almost live, almost animal dimension."

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