Ads on list Marketplace and Ebay

SuffolkD at SuffolkD at
Fri Jan 23 15:16:17 EST 2004

I've done it. DAMN. 
List rules are list rules.  I even got an e-mail about it.
I'm sorry.
My part only sold in response to the Ebay ad.  
But I made more than I was asking for it, ($73 on Ebay vs $50 to an 
I owe the list the much gratitude
Since Brett wouldn't take my list donation of $20 cash at the WDS.  
How do I send $20 to Dan? (Like Brett told me to?  :-)

BTW, the new multiple photos for a "marketplace ad" are A MAJOR PLUS. Thank 
you Mark.
-Sheepishly by BOSTON

Below is an accurate compliment to my "Old" pre-sale situation:
> Please also note that Dave's listing on Audifans did NOT get the results
> that his post to the list did. To me, that proves his point. List-members
> were better served by his post to the list than by his listing in
> Audifans/Marketplace - they evidently don't go there any more than I do.

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