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Fri Jan 23 19:56:33 EST 2004

Paypal horror stories?  I've used it for my ebay sales and have sold about
1000 items over the past couple years without a single problem.
Paypal offers me an avenue to accept payments I would never have if it
weren't from them.  95% of my customers use Paypal.  I've had it for 4 years
and not a single issue.

My 2 cents.

Dave K.

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> >From: "Denis" <sparkplugvw at>
> >I can send you my acount number, you can donate as you want ;-)
> >Denis
> I have a credit card machine here.  What's your credit card number?
> Yes..........LISTERS............ thanks for the scroll down for mail info.
> AS I understand it, Paypal takes a hefty (BIG) percentage when the monies
> transferred are small like $10, 20 etc......
> Hence the $20 cash to Brett offer.
> I don't like Paypal from the horror stories I've heard, so its linked to a
> nonworking credit that options OUT.
> -Scott by BOSTON now looking for a
> that's after sending one to another lister for his services (web
> hosting).......
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