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Fri Jan 23 20:23:03 EST 2004

Sorry but I beg to differ, I've been using Paypal extensively since the 
beginning of last year and I've never had a single issue with them. The 
horror stories you'd hear on or such usually come from 
people using non-business/premier types of accounts for business purposes 
and they wonder why paypal won't let them withdraw 2000+ US dollars a month 
onto their bank accounts when the user agreement or whatever states clearly 
that non-business/premier accounts can't withdraw more than 500 bucks a 

I had heard those horror stories before getting myself an account, but I 
said "hey, WTF, I'll try it and we'll see how it goes", and it went well.

Just my 0.02,


At 17:17 23/01/2004 -0800, Rocky Mullin wrote:

>         i never use paypal.  they're horrible.  banking services without
>any of the banking rules, regs and protections.  their users are victims
>waiting to happen.
>         can't post an item to the q-list for sale?  just refer to it.
>         "i need to sell these brake calipers, anyone know what they
>are worth?"
>         loopholes are loopholes!  ;)
>At 7:56 PM -0500 1/23/04, Dave K. wrote:
>>Paypal horror stories?  I've used it for my ebay sales and have sold about
>>1000 items over the past couple years without a single problem.
>>Paypal offers me an avenue to accept payments I would never have if it
>>weren't from them.  95% of my customers use Paypal.  I've had it for 4 years
>>and not a single issue.
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