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Robert:  Yes, good rule of thumb.  Paypal excerpt below.
-SCott by BOSTON

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> The fee is approximately 2.5% on credit card payments only.
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> Fees Policy 
> This Policy was last modified on August 15, 2003.
> Fees. The following fees apply to both U.S. and Non-U.S. PayPal accounts, 
> except as noted. PayPal's fees are also listed in the <A HREF="">Fee Schedule</A>, available 
> from the footer of any PayPal page. 
> Sending Payments. It is free to send money to another user, regardless of 
> the funding instrument used for the payment. If you use the Mass Pay feature, a 
> fee of 2% the payment amount with a $1.00 USD cap will be assessed on each 
> payment.
> Receiving Payments. Personal accounts are not charged any fees for receiving 
> payments, but may not receive credit card payments without upgrading to a 
> Business or Premier account. Business and Premier account holders receiving 
> payments in U.S. Dollars will be charged the Standard Rate of 2.9% + $0.30 USD 
> on each payment unless they qualify for the Merchant Rate of 2.2% + $0.30 USD. 
> The fees for Premier and Business account holders receiving payments in 
> currencies other than U.S. Dollars are listed on the <A HREF="">Fees for Receiving Payments</A> 
> page, and the fees will be assessed in the currency of the payment. Fees for 
> receiving payments are also listed on the <A HREF="">Fees for Receiving Payments</A> page. 
> Merchant Rate qualifications and criteria are listed on the <A HREF="">Merchant Rate</A> 
> page.    

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