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Mon Jan 26 10:44:13 EST 2004

I, for one, highly value the contributions of several of our members who 
also happen to be in the OOOO business.  List members such as Ned Ritchie, 
Greg Galinsky, Phil Payne, Mihnea Cotet, and several others (who I hope 
forgive me for omitting reference to their names) frequently offer their 
expertise and experience to the list.  These contributions are offered, 
like everyone else's contributions, free of charge.  I would see absolutely 
nothing wrong with an occasional mention of their products or services, 
especially if they have something new to offer.  Their contributions have 
more than "paid" for any small amount of "advertising" they might 
receive.  I suppose it might be possible that someone might abuse the 
privilege but I don't recall any such abuse in the past and I'm sure that 
any such abuse could be handled in the future should it occur.

At 08:30 AM 1/26/2004 -0500, Cody wrote:

>My sentiments _exactly_ to the word. I was actually planning on saying 
>just that in about 5 minutes after I finished catching up on my e-mail 
>this morning! Like Mike said about my sig (and others simmilar to mine), I 
>mention my business name, but I have never tried to sell anything on the 
>list. I have on occasion asked about interest for stuff to make, or asked 
>about pricing on certain things I was listing in the mraketplace, but 
>never have done anything commercial on the list. I definately agree on 
>Mikes point about e-bay too, a total ban of auction lins is over the edge, 
>I love knowing about when something is for sale that I may be interested 
>in and I rarely check e-bay due to the usual lack of 5cyl stuff.
>-Cody Forbes
>Black Forest Racing
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>'88 90 4cyl
>---------- Original Message ----------------------------------
>From: Mike Arman <armanmik at>
>Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2004 08:15:54 -0500
> >
> >
> >I don't have any problem with an occasional ad on the list - I find them
> >interesting, and useful to get an idea of what bits are selling for on the
> >"casual" marketplace.
> >
> >I think what we might do is fine tune the policy - and we have not really
> >been abusing it, so this isn't a "sky is falling and we gotta fix it NOW!"
> >deal.
> >
> >Personal stuff mentioned one or at most two times, OK. Should ALSO be on
> >marketplace.
> >
> >Unique stuff found on eBay (or wherever), no personal interest, OK
> >
> >Ads for businesses, not OK (belongs on vendor list)
> >
> >Sig lines with the name of the business, OK (I don't mind knowing what
> >other listers do for a living)
> >
> >Sig lines with name, phone number, fax, email, address, full product line,
> >testimonials, we take credit cards etc. not OK (belongs on vendor list)
> >
> >Commercial ads (dealers) for cars for sale, not OK (belongs on marketplace)
> >
> >A few of us are going to have a problem no matter what - Joel Osserman, who
> >I believe is a leasing company, has a pretty specific sig line, but since
> >he doesn't abuse the list by posting his entire off-lease sales list every
> >two hours, I can't really see a problem. We have a number of other listers
> >who make their living (or part of it) from the four rings, Phil Payne,
> >Scott Mockery (sp?), Cody Forbes (racing in S. Florida), Igor Kessel, and
> >these people contribute to the list on a regular basis, so THEIR sig line
> >is also part of their credentials.
> >
> >Appeals for help from relatives of dead dictators to sneak $X million
> >dollars out of sub-Saharan countries and please don't tell anyone - take
> >'em out and shoot 'em.
> >
> >Best Regards,
> >Mike Arman


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