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Check out the info at SJM's site link below. <A HREF=""></A>
Read the info on the table about outlet/inlet size.
RS2 vs K2x and the similarities are quite interesting.  A Hybrid could 
minimize the custom fitting of lines, but only the turbo pros know.

I found it interesting browsing Javad's site that some hybrids were ~$700

Basics are:
Large diameter "compressor" wheels take time to "spool up" hence turbo-lag.
It seems that Audi in the latest K-03 and the like, have small compressors to 
provide boost quickly with minimal "turbo-lag."
Its a sliding scale.  Boost quickly: runs out of air (efficiency) quickly.
Boost later, and lots of it (larger compressor and longer spool up time) 
means turbo lag. but "freight train power" in the upper RPM.  These are 
All the chip tuners and listers here like Ned, SJM, Minhea and Javad (no 
chips I think) know how to get your 10V, 3B an AAN power.  They would be where I'd 
look for turbo types and components or a "bolt on kit".  They can also chip 
to maximize your turbo "upgrade."

There is a book about turbos which details things better than my 
Anyone have the source?
Also look at the SJM link first then start asking around.
Here's another turbo only place:

Remember that Audi designed your turbo for "Streetability."  A big turbo may 
make city driving not that much fun at all.  Garrett seems a more modern 
design IMHO.
HTH - Scott by BOSTON

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> Other Audi lister sites may be able to hook you up too.  Here's the specs 
> of 
> > the turbos at <A HREF=""></A>

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