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Jim Green jeg1976 at
Mon Jan 26 12:54:27 EST 2004

--- auditude at wrote:
> One of the criticisms I hear online about the hybrid
> turbos is the need to fabricate the oil and/or lines
> (which?).  While some were deterred by having to do
> custom work, others mentioned that the modification
> precluded switching back to a 3K turbo (presumably
> without buying new lines or something.) 
> That's not really a reason to stop me personally
> from choosing one, but I wonder how many more of
> them would sell to those with reservations about
> this modification if a bolt-in solution was
> developed.
> I mean, if there is a known interface at the motor
> and a known interface at the turbo, and everyone who
> has to buy one has to fabricate something to make it
> fit, why not offer the required modified parts
> (lines? adapters?), so at least those who have more
> money than skills/guts/creativity/time don't have to
> worry about the fabrication?
> Sorta like how someone can buy Bira brakes from
> vendors if they like, instead of joining the
> organization and such.
> I think right now if I were to get another bigger
> turbo for a 20vt, I'd probably be looking at the
> Innovative K26-based, "RS2+" as it's been dubbed,
> which is getting alot of internet press lately. 
> That is, if I want a 3K mounting flange.  If I get
> or make a custom tube header instead, then I'd
> probably put a Garrett flange and full Garrett on
> it.
> That said, I'm looking for an RS2 EM or better
> equivalent, at a non-premium price if possible. 
> This will help me decide what turbo to go with for
> the other car.  Any pointers would be appreciated.

Ken, the way I look at it is you can get a
ball-bearing Garrett GT series turbo for ~$1300 that
will kick the RS2's ass in every way imaginable.  I
don't think anyone's making a KKK casting for a GT
turbine, but if you have the option to go full
Garrett, do it for sure.  Javad's going 20vt, so he'll
be developing a header for it.  Might be worth waiting for.

Jim Green
'89 90tq
'89 80q

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