NAC, Subie enthusiast bites the dust

Charlie Smith charlie at
Mon Jan 26 16:14:45 EST 2004

Earlier, John Larson wrote:
> A sad note here.  Over the weekend a member of a WRX list met his maker in a
> traffic incident near here.  Reports aren't clear whether the fatality was
> the driver or the passenger.  Apparently an enthusiast group was holding a
> get together in our area and were engaging in a spirited (30-40 mph over the
> speed limit) challenge of the laws of physics on a mildly winding (and wet)
> stretch of 2 lane road in the foothills. After drifting left onto a turnout,
> the car crossed the roadway and went for a swim in a creek.  We might all
> benefit from a moment of reflection of our sometimes unbridled enthusiasm
> and faith in the abilities of our rides. Y'all be safe out there

You may find this a strange view.

But, If it was the driver I feel like he deserved what he got.

About a year ago, a good friend was going the other direction on a 
motorcycle, on his own side of the road when Stroker-Ace Bubba did 
just what you described above.  Except the over-the-center line car driver
impaled my friend's motorcycle in the middle of his hood killing my friend.

Maybe if they charged the organizers with manslaughter and they faced
a few years in jail, there would be a lot more stress on 'use your head'.

    Charlie Smith

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