Head gasket opinion

Ado Sigal a.sigal at bluewin.ch
Tue Jan 27 03:31:15 EST 2004

No need for opinions, for last couple of decades everything needed is already applied to the head gasket, but they
should go only on flat, dry and clean surfaces though. It should be printed on the leaflet that comes with every head
gasket, together with tightening procedure and torque settings.


Hi ringmeisters
So a survey of expert opinion...
Should head gaskets be put down "dry" or should a coating of some goo/primer
be applied, if so, what?
Let the debate begin..
Sam Clarkson 
1990 200 TQA
1998 Toyota Caldina GT-T
1967 MB 300se Cabriolet
1952 Land Rover 80"
1975? John Deere 2130 (What do JD numbers mean?)

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