[s-cars] Virus ???

Phil Payne quattro at isham-research.com
Wed Jan 28 06:40:29 EST 2004

> I have received at least a dozen of these emails from a variety of
purported sources in the last two days.  They contain the worm, Mydoom,
which has been spreading quite rapidly through the net recently.  My
favorite free antivirus software, AVG from http://www.grisoft.com, has
automatically scanned and removed this worm from my incoming mails.

> Please - if you are not using a good AV program go to grisoft and download
the AVG software.  It's free, updates are free, and it works.  All standard
disclaimers apply.  AVG has saved my butt several times over the years.

> Uh...  Did I mention it's FREE?

Uh... Did I mention that every attempt to download it crashes?

NPNSDAD caused an invalid page fault in
module NPNSDAD.EXE at 017f:004081fe.
EAX=01edb88c CS=017f EIP=004081fe EFLGS=00010287
EBX=000011f1 SS=0187 ESP=0067ed04 EBP=0067ed34
ECX=0000028f DS=0187 ESI=000004d8 FS=59a7
EDX=80707b28 ES=0187 EDI=000011f4 GS=11e6
Bytes at CS:EIP:
38 0c 16 75 06 8a 4d 0b 08 4d 0f 80 7d 0b 01 75
Stack dump:
004574c8 00000000 bff224fe 00000004 004574cc 00001453 00000240 01c0000c 000016bf 80707b28
0000009b 8f000000 0067eda0 0040285c 80000000 0067ed60

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