cylinder index question

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Wed Jan 28 10:37:41 EST 2004

Ha.  I have two I-3's (missing from your collection).  I'll second your
"Prime Multiplier" suggestion, although I guess with most here running
I-5's....well, we're hardly unbiased.  BTW, DKW did market their 1000cc
3-cylinder car as the "Big 3=6" - suggesting that a 3 cylinder 2-stroke was
comparable to a 6 cylinder 4-stroke - I guess those "marketeers" were also
responsible for the "5000" moniker here in NA (thousands would sell better
than hundreds in the US and Canada?  Isn't that "Spinal Tap" logic?)
Steve Sears - 26/35 - desperately need a 2-stroke multiplier....
1987 Audi 5kTQ - I5
1980 Audi 5k - I5
1962 and '64 Auto Union DKW Junior deLuxes - I3's
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> I had written a bunch about rotary engines and the justification for
> deciding if they count as one, two, or three cylinders per rotor. But
> since it's not audi related, I junked it :o)
> I think I'm sitting okay on the index.
> V8's -- 472, 5.0L, 351W, 350, 292
> I6's -- Cummins 24V
> I5's -- Audi 10V, Audi 20V
> I4's -- Honda B16, Honda D16, Honda V45 V4
> I2's -- Xenoah 2-stroke
> Singles -- Saw, Mower, RC .18, RC .21, Air .45
> That looks like 75/28 for ~2.6  Not breaking any records, especially in
> this company :o)  I know I should have bought that 1970 V16 Opel GT last
> year.
> For those looking to catch up to the 1:1 ratio, don't forget that many
> of the rotary air conditioner compressors have several pistons a piece
> in them. As do many of the air tools we use...
> I would like to make a recommendation that if your engine has a prime
> number of cylinders then you get a 100% cylinder credit. So, 3 cylinder
> engines get counted for 6, and a 5 cylinder will get counted as 10.
> Also, being turbocharged should give you a multiplier equal to your peak
> manifold pressure in *bar*. So, a 4 cylinder honda with 2.0 bar of boost
> would get a 8 cylinder claim. Or, and audi 5 cyl with 2.0 bar of boost
> would actually get to claim 20 cylinders.
> It reminds me, when talking to one of the profs who just got a
> supercharged Benz....he was saying that the blower made that 4 cylinder
> feel a lot more like a V6. I told him "I turbo I5 audi
> feels a lot more like an I7." <grin>
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> Dan Cordon
> Mechanical Engineer
> University of Idaho - Engine Research Facility

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