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Wed Jan 28 14:26:41 EST 2004

It's probably just my evil mind, but if I was the type of person who
wanted to hack into people's computers or spread a virus, I would set up
a website where they could go to invite my computer to probe the nooks
and crannies of their computer, then of course instead of providing the
virusscan, I would wreak havoc

....with all due respect, I really, REALLY don't think this would be a
good idea.....

Having said that, I actually did it once to test my firewall.  I can't
remember the site but it supposedly would check to see how vulnerable.
The report came back that "your computer is virtually invisible to the
internet" - very high rating.

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> Hi All,
> There is a site,, where you 
> can get a free online scan of your computer while you wait.  
> I highly recommend it if you think you have picked up a virus 
> or worm in one way or another, a quick fix until you can do 
> something more permanent.
> I have no connection with Trend Micro, in fact, I had to go 
> on the web and find their site to confirm that the service is 
> still available.  Neither can I vouch for the efficacy of 
> their service, no how, no way.  Enough disclaimer?
> Cheers!
> Jim Jordan
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