Have you Replaced Injectors

Ben Swann benswann at comcast.net
Wed Jan 28 21:32:06 EST 2004

It only takes one leaky injector to bleed down the injector pressure for
all.  When starting with this condition, long cranks will occur.  Only until
both fuel pump has charged system side as well as the airflow plate rising
due to engine cranking and sucking in the intake air will the injectors be
charged up.  If there is also a coincidental air leak that prevent airplate
from rising, a no start condition may occur, especially in CIS-EIII where
the cold start injector is not fed by system pressure but is merely another
injector that is electronically fired (confirmed).

I am having this or related problem with my NG/CIS-EIII install into a 4kq.
If I am not leaking down thru an injector it is something in that portion of
the system.  I just have not had the opportunity to nail it down precisely,
but I can start the car by jumping FP relay and lifting the airplate for
about 2 sec. to introduce fuel.  Engine then and only then will start and
run fine, with exception it need a little playing with the throttle to get
engine to stay running for first few seconds.

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