collapsing radiator hose

wa b mrproton at
Fri Jul 2 09:49:07 EDT 2004

The top radiator hose on my `97 A6q avant will collapse on itself, when the 
engine is turned off and cooled down.  When the engine is started the hose 
will slowly fill out to its proper shape.  I dont know if it is just normal 
heating/expansion and cooling/contraction going on.  Kinda disturbing to 
look at, I dont like the stresses it puts on the hose.  Was thinking of 
getting a spring of some sorts at the hardware store to help it keep its 
shape.  The hose also has a small hose molded on to it that goes to the 
expansion tank.  If I open the expansion tank cap when the engine is cooled 
and the hose colapsed,  the hose will imediatly go back to its normal shape.

TIA for any ideas or suggestions

`88 80q
`97 A6qa

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