friggin exhaust manifold studs! - UPDATE + Q's

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IIRC, last time I did the manifolds on my 10v, I bought 2 small universal
joints for my socket set. Works quite well, much easier than the "reach up
at arms length with a spanner and turn 45 degrees a time" approach.

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Well, I figured I had to take a break from this mess and relaxed over the
break in NYC. I think it did the trick. Going back to it today, I took a
closer look and lucky for me, it looks like the stud actually isn't
spinning... it's only the nut. I've never seen that happen before and when I
took the stud out it was all bent, even though the nut never got difficult
to turn. Anyway, I had a couple new nuts and studs lying around, but the
studs were the original style which don't have the taper and are a bit
shorter. I tried torquing this down, but it snapped way before getting to 26
ft-lbs.. Luckily taking it out wasn't bad at all. But now I have to wait
till the dealer can get the new-style studs, b/c they don't even stock these

So I have 2 questions now... It still seems almost impossible to tighten the
nuts on the manifold, esp. the lower ones on #3 and #4 cylinders. How can
you do it? Will going from underneath the car help? I can barely get an
open-end wrench on it, so I'm almost tempted to pull the head again and then
tighten the manifold on the bench. I'd like to hear any BTDT's on this.

Do I need all new manifold lock-nuts, or is it OK to re-use 'em, since
they're all-metal? Thanks again for the advice and concern! And thanks for
the info on the Bigserts... nice to know there are more options, although I
hope I never have to use 'em.


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I would look close at the threads in the cylinder head. I have seen the
threads pulled loose in the hole and it looks like an insert. It is was just
a small aluminum coil the was the threads in the hole to begin with. If
indeed your head has had heli-coils installed and they are pulling out or
stripped then there is a option still. They are called 'Big Serts'. They are
by the same company the makes Time-serts (better than heli-coils IMHO). It
is a thicker insert so you have to drill a larger hole than was required for
the heli-coil but you still get to use the original 8mm studs. You have to
get a kit, it comes with a drill, tap, insert and installation tool.

I have never used one on an exhaust stud but I have used them in other
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