'89 100 oil pressure warning. Electrical wierdness or big problem?

tom winter tom at freeskier.com
Thu Jul 8 11:19:34 EDT 2004

The victim is a 1989 100Q sedan with approximately 160k. This just started
happening, and it's very erratic. The oil pressure light on the computer in
the dash will issue a warning, and then go off while driving. The pressure
gauge shows over 2 bar (while driving). This has happened two or three
times. One other time, but not at the same time, the "brake" light (which
warns you that your e-brake is still engaged) came on also while driving.
The car does not smoke or consume excessive amounts of oil. In fact, I
rarely have to top her up.

The car will idle, totally warmed up with the temp needle in the middle of
the gauge at just under 2 bar. The oil temp seems normal, although the gauge
registered just under the middle after 1 hour of driving (some highway, some
stop and go) in 90 degree weather when the warning light issue first
manifested itself.

I'm hoping that this is a loose wire/bad connection situation but anytime a
oil pressure warning light goes on it makes me very nervous. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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