S4 trans swap?

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Sat Jul 10 11:13:56 EDT 2004

From: Ti Kan <ti at amb.org>
Date: 2004/07/09 Fri PM 11:11:36 EDT
To: yumyjager at gmail.com (Emre Washburn)
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Subject: Re: S4 trans swap?

Emre Washburn writes:
> FYI, the one in the Marketplace is the same price as ones from
> Shokan.com and Shokan offers a 6 month warranty on all their parts. If
> you have any questions about the swap, call 1 800 ALL AUDI and ask for
> Aaron he did the same swap to his '92 UrS4.

Emre... it seems that you take every opportunity to advertise for
Shokan.  I can't help but wonder whether you're somehow connected
with them?

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Yes, he is. IIRC she's good buddies with the owners or something like that. If you're going to spend the $$ on a 6-speed tranie, get a used Euro..much stronger and about the same price...and then you doin't have to deal with the terrible customer dis-service of Shokan...

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