Inappropriate advertising on Q-list, was re: S4 trans swap?

Huw Powell audi at
Mon Jul 12 04:02:33 EDT 2004

I guess I'll finally pop up here... I found Emre's post to pretty much 
read and look like an advertisement... but that was probably just an 
error of "style," rather than commercial shilling (see end notes).

I understand people having jumped on him for it.

> I find this thread quite odd and hypocritical for a couple of reasons:
> 1) It seems as if Shokan is doomed to be slammed by this list forever, and
> has no way of ever getting back in the good books. If Emre bought some Euro
> lights THEN befriended the gang at Shokan, what's wrong with that? Sounds to
> me like an unbiased first good experience.

I am 2 for 4 with Shoken, over 15 years.  read: 2 FOR 4.  Two perfectly 
good experiences, 2 utter, gross, negligent, poor-service disasters. 
Why on *earth* would I deal with a business like that again unless they 
changed ownership and management?

> 2) I'm sure many on the list are friends with Chris Semple but aren't forced
> to disclose it whenever they have good business experiences with him. Seems
> like a double standard. They suck.

As for my part, I am not "friends" with Chris.  I know him only through 
his employment at Autobahn and his own business, Force5.  He has been 
100% a straight shooter, I think I am at about 12 for 12 positive 
experiences by now?  Maybe more...

I have never even dealt with Rod at the Parts Connection, but I know 
from endless positive feedback on this list that I could trust him.

I personally recommend Atalantic Imported to people, not because Klaus 
and Wolfgang are decent human beings ("you can always tell a German, you 
just can't tell him anything"), but because they run a tight, 
well-informed shop.

Compare that to a fifty percent satisfaction ratio with the folks at Shokan.

> I'm not in the least suggesting that Chris' customers be forced to disclose
> whether they've ever had a beer with him, either.

No beer.  I did, however, once get an interior free... because I was 
there, and it was headed to the crusher the next day, and I pulled it 
myself.  Had to buy the power front seats from another car to fit mine, 

I have to say this:  it's ancient history, but SHOKAN's "customer 
service" department used to be from "9 to 9:30 in the morning."  Same 
owners?  Same managers?  I don't know.  I got a good working engine from 
them once, I also once bought an alternator I didn't need and they 
traded it out for a 120 mph speedo for my coupe.  I bought a new 
radiator that was shipped loose in a cardboard box and leaked like a 
sieve before even installing it.  I ate double overnight shipping on 
that one.  I suppose I should list the fourth transaction - a half shaft 
that was shipped loose in a box with a piece of newspaper, arrived with 
a siezed inner CV joint.

For all I know, they may have worked out the bugs in their operation and 
be stellar performers by now.  But, what is my motivation to take 
another risk on them?

Finally.  In my humble opinion, Emre's post would have gone over a lot 
better if he had just said, "hey, this guy I know at Shokan did the same 
swap, give him a ring at xxx-xxx-xxxx" if you have any questions.

Eric: leave Phil alone.  Phil: up the dosage, or something.

Hi Brett :)  Relax, it will all fade away in a week or two...

PS: Anyone know where I can get an 88-90 90Q with a perfect body in 
lousy mechanical condition?

Huw Powell

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