91 Octaine in 4KSCQ?!

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> Hi,
> I believe the european std for octane is RON (research 
> octane).  In US, it is PON (pump octane).  PON is the average 
> of MON (motor octane) and RON.  RON is gives a higher number 
> than MON.  
> A RON of 90 is approx equivalent to PON of 86.6 A RON of 92 
> is approx equivalent to PON of 88.5 I have run another german 
> vehile with a RON requirement of 91 on 'mid grade 87' without 
> any ill effects for a number of years.  No antiknock sensor 
> on this engine.


What used to be posted on the pump was R+M/2.  Or, the average of research
(R) and motor (M) ratings.  Is that now called Pump Octane Number (PON)?

To add a bit of background, research  octane ratings are higher because
they're derived from laboratory tests, under ideal and controlled
circumstances.  Motor numbers are lower, because they are determined under
real-world conditions. 


~ Doug
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