80q ignition lock switch replacement

Bernie Strub bstrub at rainymountain.com
Mon Jul 12 20:29:48 EDT 2004

BTDT.  It was a year or two or so ago, so all the details are beginning to
unfocus.  However, I do know that I got my parts from SJM Autotechnik
(satisfied customer, no beer!).  Scott also faxed me the directions from his
factory manual.  I don't know if they are included in the Bentley, don't
have one of those for a Type 89.

I removed the steering wheel and dash, and I believe the bottom of the dash
under the steering column.  Seems to me I then unfastened the two screws
holding the column to the dash, allowing it to drop an inch or so.  Once
there, I had to drill a small hole in the lock cylinder housing in a
predetermined location (well-described in the directions), and pressed in a
pin while removing the lock cylinder.  The one I replaced was well-worn,
practically falling apart when it came out.  As a result, I was unable to
reset the tumblers to match the rest of the car.  A locksmith could
undoubtably reset everything, but it has not been enough trouble to do that

BTW, removing the dash is great in ty89 cars, due to being all-electric.
There is no speedo cable, just some electric connectors.  However, removing
the turn/headlight switch combo is a bit trickier until you find the single
screw that clamps the switch combo to the column.  I distinctly recall
removing that switch combo, so you must have to take them off as well.  Oh
yeah, I had to buy a set of torx driver sockets to get the right one for
unbolting the steering column.  I'll have to look to see which size that

Hope this helps.  If you need, I can try to look around for the directions
and the torx size.


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