Cam selection

John Larson j.d.larson at
Thu Jul 15 13:59:29 EDT 2004

Tess asked, "p.s. - I'm still looking to find opinions from folks on the
Schrick 272
and 276 cams... do they pass WA smog?"

The big problem is HCs.  Because "performance" camshafts feature higher lift
and longer duration, we see a combined problem of improper vacuum/air flow
levels and poor combustion of what fuel gets in there at idle.  With a 272,
numbers may range from 400-2000 ppm at idle, far too high to pass ANY
tailpipe standards anywhere they have emissions testing.  A 276 will be
worse.  Furthermore, you're gonna lose low end driveability with anything
other than the stock cam.  Remember, after mandated emissions levels, auto
manufacturers are concerned with mileage (well some, anyway) and performance
numbers and "feel".  After all, they want people to actually BUY their
products.  The tradeoffs result in the car you drive.  If they didn't have
to keep selling new models, we'd all be driving the same thing, and they'd
be spared all that silly R&D and styling stuff.......  John

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