272, 276 cams

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Fri Jul 16 09:55:25 EDT 2004

From: Ed Kellock <ekellock at gmail.com>
Date: 2004/07/15 Thu PM 05:08:46 EDT
To: quattro at audifans.com
Subject: Re: 272, 276 cams

That's strange.  My NG (in my CGT) is anything but flat from 3500 on
up.  Maybe it's my fairly open exhaust, but it positively sings
compared to my previous 2.2 litre CGT.  It's probably the most
flexible Audi engine I've experienced with the possible exception of
my PT (V8).



Agreed. My NG is actually quite happy to rev all the way to the redline, although she does seem to fall off a bit in power over 5,500 RPM...But she seem happiest between 3,000-5,500. Could there be something wrong with the engine in question?

1987 Coupe GT 2.3
SE Virginia

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