Sinking clutch pedal...

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Sun Jul 18 17:51:57 EDT 2004

MC can fail internally and not leak.  Leaks also can be very difficult to
find because they can get behind the insulation in the footwell there.  

At 08:13 PM 7/18/2004 +0000, Stephen Ankney wrote:
>Got stuck in a traffic jam on the way to the annual ACCNA Michigan picnic 
>After about 45 minutes of crawling along at 2 mph in heavy traffic, the 
>clutch pedal on my 5ktq began to not fully come back up every couple of 
>It would stop about an inch before the top and then slowly rise. On a couple 
>of occasins it stayed down to the floor and I had to lift it up with my 
>I was thinking it is a bad clutch master cylinder. I got down in the 
>footwell and looked for any drippage, etc.
>I found nothing to indicate it's leaking.
>Is it possible it's the slave cylinder? How do those usually fail?
>My gut tells me it's the Clutch MC.

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